Standard och Fakta om Pavlovskaja

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EE-standard for Pavlovs

Origin: Ancient Russian breed, already known in the 17th century. Named after

the town of Pavlov, close to Nizhny Novgorod.

General impression: lively, rather small-sized breed with almost horizontal

body, very high tail, full beard, breed-specific crest and feathered legs.

Breed characteristics of the male

Body: broad, hardly of medium length; carriage almost horizontal.

Neck: short, slightly arched, with full hackle.

Back: short, broad, flat, narrowing towards the tail.

Shoulders: broad and well-rounded.

Wings: large, broad, carried only slightly downwards.

Saddle: with full hackle.

Tail: fully feathered, carried very high; main sickles long, broad and wellcurved,

side hangers abundant.

Breast: full, broad and well-rounded, carried a little forward.

Abdomen: little developed.

Head: medium sized, rather broad, rounded.

Face: red; almost completely covered by the muffs and beard.

Comb: small, horn type, crescent-shaped seen from the front, small.

Wattles: very small, covered by the beard.

Earlobes: red, small, covered by the beard.

Eyes: big, dark red till dark brown.

Beak: medium length, slightly curved; with cavernous nostrils; colour light horn

till slate blue.

Beard : full muffs and beard.

Crest: medium sized, the individual feathers pointed upwards, a little firmer at

the base.

Thighs: hardly of medium length, densely feathered and with slightly curved

inwards vulture hocks.

Shanks: hardly of medium length, covered on the outside by short curved

feathers. Slate blue.

Toes: four, slightly covered with soft feathers.

Plumage: dense and closely to the body.

Breed characteristics of the female : similar to those of the male, allowing for

sexual differences. Body more horizontal. Muffs, beard and crest more

developed. Comb poorly developed.

Serious defects : weak, thin or long body; flat breast; tail carried too flat; too

high on legs; poorly developed muffs and beard; fully rounded crest (like in

Polands); wry, hanging, split or too loose crest; too much or too sparsely leg



The ground colour is a deep golden brown with at the end of the feathers a

black tip with green luster. In the male these tips are V-shaped in the hackles.

Muffs and beard black. Primaries with golden brown outer webs and black

inner webs; secondaries golden brown with black tips. Tail with black tips but

densely black stippled main tail feathers and sickles are accepted.

Serious defects : lack of green luster; depigmentation; completely black tail.


Like in gold but the groundcolour is a silvery white.

Serious defects : yellowish hackles in the male; feathers of any other colour.

Weight: male 1,7- 1,8 kg, female 1,2- 1,4 kg.

Minimal weight of hatching eggs: 48 g.

Eggshell: white.

Diameter of the rings: male 18 mm., female 16 mm


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01.10.2022 18:12

Peter Davidsberg

Hej, Peter här. Kan du höre av dig när du har egg eller unghöns av Pavlovskaja. Vi skulle vara intresserads av en 3 - 5 st här på torpet i Tidaholm. Mvh Peter

01.10.2022 18:29


Jag har inga Pavlovskaja kvar tyvärr